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Sam Haliday (Shivering Timbers) and Doug Alderson, located in Shed 5 around the back of the site, joined forces to create this fabulous new bar in Boomtown Winemakers recently.

In the ultimate act of repurposing, the timbers used are the old science lab benches from the Castlemaine Secondary College former Etty Street campus.

Not only have they breathed new life into the old timbers, but the bar showcases a time capsule of Castlemaine’s history.

The ‘character’ pieces used for the furniture feature names (and doodles) scratched into the timbers by former students.

Be sure to check it out next time you are at Boomtown.

Maybe you’ll find your own handiwork there!

From this     to this   

To this.

As a separate project, Doug has created a stunning table from timber which was destined to become wood chips. As part of a clean up of Barkers Creek some years back, the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) removed a number of Elm trees from alongside The Mill Castlemaine. In keeping with our quest to recycle and reuse, the timber was kept onsite for re-purposing. The logs were milled on site, and what was deemed a waste product has now been reimagined into beautiful, bespoke furniture pieces.

This particular table is currently available for purchase in the Castlemaine Vintage Bazaar.

Both Sam and Doug are available for commissions. You’ll find their contact details here.