Shed 5

Sam Haliday and Doug Alderson

Shed 5 is an artisan timber workers shared workspace located at the Mill Castlemaine. Originally the wool bale store, Shed 5 has been fitted out with multiple workshops where each artisan has their own area of expertise, working individually or collaboratively depending on the need. The main focus is in handcrafted timber and cabinetry, with a sculptural and structural steel workshop nearby.

Sam Haliday – Shivering Timbers

The latest addition to Shed 5 is Sam Haliday of Shivering Timbers. Seen here are his Shoji Lights, the inspiration for which emerged as a result of recent trips to Japan. Brought home were visions of shoji screens in old Kyoto presenting horizontal and vertical lines glowing from within.The natural textures in wash paper and the simple crisp nature of shoji paper merge, complimenting the modern beauty of the handmade frames.

m: 0417 230 488

Sam Halliday

Doug Alderson

Doug Alderson is a craftsman inspired by the sculptural and functional beauty of wood. In close collaboration with clients he handcrafts furniture out of recycled and responsibly harvested timber. Doug is driven to create enduring pieces that will be a cherished part of people’s daily lives.

m: 0432792 886

Doug Alderson