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Finding your way around

There are numerous business directory maps located around The Mill site. We encourage you to explore and discover. We have deliberately minimised changing the footprint of the old woollen mill site – so you will find various paths to meander along as you make your way around the site.

A general site overview can be seen on the map further down this page. You will also find a business directory, which will assist you with getting around and locating various businesses on site.

Accessible travel

The Mill Castlemaine is an accessible travel destination. There are continuous paths of either concrete or smooth paved surfaces adjoining the various precincts. Buildings have wide doors and are joined by gently sloping ramps.

The Castlemaine Vintage Bazaar has very generous access corridors and uncluttered stalls allowing easy access to wheelchair users, people using mobility aids, and people with a visual impairment.

Of particular note is the counter at The Taproom at Shedshaker Brewing, which has a recessed front making it suitable for wheelchair users.

There are multiple toilet locations around the site, each of which contains an accessible unisex cubicle. Accessible parking bays are also provided at each of the main carparks, giving direct access to their respective entry doors


Group travel

There is large vehicle / coach parking provided in the main factory carpark (gate entry closest to the railway line). Groups with reduced mobility should be dropped off/picked up by short term parking outside Shedshaker Brewing in the main car park and outside Cabosse & Feve Chocolates from the food precinct car park.
From the drop off points, visitors are able to make their way along the pedestrian pathway and through to the food hall, with sealed walkways to access all businesses. There are some gentle slopes to reach some businesses. There are broad steps to other businesses, however these businesses may be reached in an alternate way which doesn’t involve stairs (from the exit door near the toilet facilities inside the food hall).

There is a pedestrian ramp – a beautiful arbour adorned with an ornamental grapevine – with a gentle incline on the route to the vintage precinct from either drop off point.

Site map and directory – click for downloadable versions.