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One of our core values at The Mill Castlemaine is sustainability. We continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint. To date we have installed 200kW of solar power generation, with another 100kW to follow this year. Our aim is to ensure that all the site’s power requirements are generated on site or sourced from renewable suppliers.
We have installed water tanks for use on gardens and toilet flushing. The majority of the site lighting has been changed to LED, and will continue to be, and we have planted hundreds of native trees and shrubbery around the site.

There are a number of challenges associated with reimagining a former industrial site, with buildings that date from the 1870s through to the 1970s. It is a balancing act to honour the history while sensitively creating environmentally friendly spaces which are fit for purpose.

Sustainability is also a key component when creating a space to live in; particularly when building a new home. This is an opportunity to choose architecture that not only speaks to the heart but also embodies a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Based at The Mill Castlemaine, Lifehouse Designs can help bring that dream to fruition.

Lifehouse designs sustainable, restful, tactile buildings with feeling. These are soulful buildings that connect with the surrounding landscape and are award winning for their timelessness, efficient space planning and remarkably energy efficient designs.

Lifehouse provides comprehensive design, documentation and project administration services. They coordinate the right team for the project’s duration, and help navigate an increasingly complex process, ensuring this is as smooth and enjoyable for the client as possible.

Step into the new year with a fresh perspective and a beautifully designed home.

Find out more by contacting Angela by email at or phone 03 5470 5584