Handpicked Ethical Floristry

Handpicked Ethical Floristry is an online florist that sells fresh seasonal original bouquets and floral arrangements that are designed to complement the unique beauty of the blooms. Ali handpicks local flowers and foliage and arranges them with the utmost care just for you, and delivered in the Castlemaine area on Dja Dja Wurrung country.

Ali styles and curates flowers for businesses, venues and events throughout the year. Handpicked was founded to provide an alternative for those who wanted the flowers they buy to reflect the way they care for their environment and their community. She composts the waste she produces, avoids single use plastics such as florist foam and non-compostable wrappings, and reuses and recycles everything she can.

Ali’s workshop can be found at Workspace 78 at The Mill Castlemaine (off the rear car park, near the Castlemaine Vintage Bazaar loading bay).
Her space is primarily a workshop but she is open by appointment and offers click and collect (pick up of pre ordered goods).

Order online at www.handpickedfloristry.com/shop

Contact: hello@handpickedfloristry.com
Instagram: @handpickedethicalfloristry