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An explosion of art will flood the region this March with the biennial Arts Open open studios event. Experience a behind the scenes, personal look at artists in their natural habitat, discuss their artwork and techniques and, if you love it, purchase directly from the artist.

You’ll find our regular artists in residence and showing spaces open as usual whereas others, such as Denise Martin’s studio, open specifically for this event.

Keep an eye out around the site and on our socials for more exhibition announcements.

Granite Girls

At a time when meeting indoors was restricted, a group of artists gathered amongst the granite boulders to talk art, creativity and inspiration.

The Granite Girls were formed in 2021 to spark artistic collaboration and answer the need for creative kinship.
Artists Denise Martin, Sue McLeod, Catherine Pilgrim, Zoe Amor and Hilary Finch work across the mediums of printmaking, photography, painting, drawing and sculpture.


Meet the artists and view current works during Arts Open.
Studio 52 (railway line side)
9,10,11 March and 16,17 March 10-4pm


Denise Martin
Instagram: @denisejmartin
0488 789852


Meanwhile, in the Drying Shed Artist Space there are currently eighteen artists who practice their art and show the exciting results – a handful of these are shown below.


There are always two practitioners in attendance on the days they are open, to answer your questions and have a lively artistic chat. They have an area in the rear of the Drying Shed set up to enable artists to work on their pieces whilst sitting the space. Visitors are also encouraged to try their hand at weaving on the loom.
Ro Windust
‘My art effortlessly fits into my lifestyle as I enjoy painting during my free evenings after work and weekends. This creative habit not only helps me relax but also allows me to make the most of my Audible time, enjoying audiobooks while I paint. It’s a simple yet rewarding way to unwind and enrich my life.’


Images: Caroline Meathrel-Mack – Digital illustrator and designer, Lucinda Cotter – illustrator and watercolourist, Judy Sens – painter and sculptor, Robyn Haughton – painter in oils and acrylics, artwork by Greg Fitzgibbon – a multi-disciplinary artist engaged in painting, printmaking, modelling and sculpture.  He creates fascinating design pieces from found objects combined with beautifully executed resin work.
A visitor tries her hand at weaving on the loom.
The Drying Shed Artist Space is open Thursday to Sunday from 10.30am – 3.30pm