Print Together


PrintTogether specialise in premium-quality, affordable, environmentally responsible printing.

Our goal is to produce environmentally friendly and affordable printed materials that are of the highest quality. We specialise in printing with premium-quality 100% recycled paper using traditional offset presses (vegetable based inks), new top of the range digital technology as well as vintage letterpress.

Collective thinking, collective printing
How do you get premium-quality products that are also affordable? Our unique, collective green printing process identifies customers whose similar print requirements allow them to print together on the one press. It works like car sharing: if several people are going to the same place at the same time, they can share the cost of the ride. Hence, our name – PrintTogether.

Easy online orders
Printing with us could not be easier! We have workshops in Melbourne and Castlemaine. Our service is Australia-wide. So wherever you work, you can organise your printing without leaving your desk. View instant prices, place an order, upload artwork and select payment method online in a matter of minutes.

View prices and order at:

ph: 03 9988 0834

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Open at The Mill Monday – Thursday, 9am-5pm