Platform No. 5

Vintage. Antique. Handmade. And the quirky.

Step onto Platform No.5 and discover an unconventional pre-loved furniture warehouse space, specialising in vintage and antique pieces, artwork and handmade discoveries plus one-off quirky items … and time-treasured homewares.

Once you step inside those big barn doors we hope you will find the piece you’re looking for. Maybe that’s a vintage armchair, an art deco vase, a retro Japanese kimono or a handcrafted dining table perfectly matched with snazzy pre-loved chairs.

Platform No. 5 puts the purpose back into old items to create an eclectic laid back environment. We love all styles of design and we believe that having an eclectic home is a great way to live. No one thing defines us, so why should our homes be just one style?

OPEN 7 days/week, 10am to 5pm
Stock changing every day.
Stallholder and consignment enquiries welcome.

Manager: Phillip Parsonson
m:  0409 520 840